Get-Hired Boot Camp Webinar (9 of 10)

Tuesday Apr 08, 2014 1-2pm Eastern Time
(10-11am Pacific Time) A recording will be available if you can’t make this time.

Most MBAs think that the tough part of negotiation is sitting down and hammering it out. Actually, that’s the easiest part. The more difficult aspects are the steps leading up to it, and how to build the most value before the actual negotiation. This presentation is a salary negotiation primer for both job seekers and professionals seeking to negotiate within their current business environments. Ellis will present practical methods for achieving success in all types of salary negotiation processes, utilizing a step-by-step approach. Follow these strategies and you won’t leave money on the table!

You will learn how to:

  • Avoid the subject of compensation as long as possible - in order to build value;
  • Not negotiate at the point of offer - so that you can build a coherent strategy; and
  • Create a direct point by point negotiating strategy to close the deal.
This webinar is part of the Beyond B-School Get-Hired Boot Camp 10-week, 10 webinar series.

• 10 Experts • 10 Topics • 10 Weeks

Get-Hired Boot Camp Webinar Series